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Funniest Pick Up Lines


These are the funniest pick up lines that you can say to girls. You are guaranteed to get them laughing, giggling. They will want to hear more if you use these pickup lines on them. After saying something amusing and funny to a girl, it’s important to have something to follow it up your chat up line. Check out Dating Tips for Guys for more help.

“I’m not the most outgoing person in the world, in fact I’m kinda shy, but I was wondering if you wanted to buy me a drink?”

“Want to go see the gun show? I got two tickets and one has your name on it.”

“I don’t normally do this, but I’m willing to make an exception because you are hot….want to kiss me?”

“See, my friend over there? (point to some random guy) He’s kinda shy. He was just wondering if you found me attractive?”

“What do think of my ass? I’ve been doing the exercises they recommended in ‘buns of steel’ and I think they’re working.”

“What do you prefer, fast or slow? Because I can talk fast and slow!”

“I don’t know if I should ask you this or not…….it’s kind of embarrassing……but would do me the honor of……….buying me a drink!”

“Your friends may say that it will never work between us……but that’s coz they’re jealous!”

“I like you eyes, I like you sense of style but most of all I like your……..ass!”

“I know what you’re thinking…..this guy is amazing, so charming, so funny but most of all he’s so modest.”

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