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Foreplay Techniques

foreplay techniques, arousal, dating, what women want in bed, sex So many guys think they know the right foreplay techniques.  They’re wrong! They believe that whatever turns them on, will turn women on. This simply is not true.

To best way to understand why men are so different to women when it comes to foreplay is to think about pornography and romance novels. The business of pornography is aimed soley at men, while almost exclusively women read romance novels. Both cause men and women to get aroused and both achieve this in very different ways.

A good analogy is to think of light switches and dimmer knobs. Men are like light switches and women are like dimmer knobs. A man can get aroused very quickly (This is why pornography cuts straight to the point). Women need more time to become aroused. This is why romance novels are far longer than your average pornography DVD.

So with that in mind, these following foreplay techniques are designed so that men can make foreplay more enjoyable for their girls

Get Her Ready

Tell her that you have a sexy surprise for her, but that she needs to get ready first. Tell her to go and have a shower and then afterwards to slip into something that’s very comfortable. This will allow her to start getting ready in her mind for what’s yet to come! While you can scrub up pretty quickly, it will take her much longer to get ready, allowing her far more time to play through her head what is yet to come.
You can do this a few days in advance, as this will have her excited with anticipation of what’s to come.

Start off Non-Physical

While this next foreplay technique may not sound very exciting to men, it is to women. Before even kissing her or touching her intimately, start lighting candles (and incense if you know she likes it) while she is in the room. Make sure you do it slowly to build anticipation.

Next, start whispering what you are going to do to her (in detail) in her ear, then say that it will only happen though if she behaves.

Start Slowly

foreplay techniques, dating, sex, what women want Many guys would love to think that they don’t need foreplay tips when it comes to pleasing a woman. Unfortunately they’re often wrong. While sometimes a girl might like you to be a one-minute wonder, most of the time your girlfriend needs to be slowly warmed up.

This means touching them slowly and sensually over their clothes. Then undressing them and caressing their body all over with your hands while lightly kissing them. A great rule to remember is that the areas around the body that have the least exposure are the most sensitive, not just the breasts and vaginal area. The backs of the knees, inside of the elbows, neck, behind the ears, feet and back are all ultra sensitive. Massaging and softly kissing these areas with your tongue and lips is highly arousing to women.

Just make sure to move around her body, staying in one area only will get boring to her quickly and she will become less aroused.

Ramp it up, then slow it down

As you begin touching and kissing her more and more, you will find yourself moving to her breasts and vagina. As you stimulate these and your girlfriend or wife gets more and more turned on, you may feel as if you should keep increasing the amount of stimulation. Don’t. Allow it to taper off a little, then ramp it back up to a slightly higher level and then allow it to taper off again. Keep using this foreplay technique until she orgasms. This ramping up and slowing down of physical stimulation is far more enjoyable to girls.

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