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Flirty Text Messages


These flirty text messages always get great responses from the guy/girl you send them too. Just remember to send them to the right person!

A flirting text message is good to start a conversation with someone you are attracted to and want to date but you need to be able to follow it up. For more great advice on flirting and dating check out Dating Tips for Guys or Dating Advice for Women.

Roses r red, violets r blu, I woz feeling bored and decided to txt u!

Don’t reply if u r madly in luv wit me! Reply if u lik me a little!

Stop flirting with me!

Stop reading this message, if u read it till the end, then u’ll fall in love with me, stop it, stop it, stop reading right now. The more you read this the more you are going to fall in love with me. The only way to break the curse is to send this message to som1 else!

Txt bak if you are hot! Don’t txt bak if u r ugly

I’ve got a serious addiction to yes and I’ve got an allergy to no… wats it gonna b?

Were u just thinking bout me?……How bout now?

Congratulations! u just won the grand prize! [then wait for them to text back asking what the grand prize is].

[when they text back asking what the grand prize is, write this] A date with me!

Did u just text me? [then when they text back, send the same text message, because then they really did just text you. Don’t do it too often though as they might get a little frustrated!].

You can also try sending people some of these Funny Pick Up Lines or even these Dirty Pick Up Lines.

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