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Flirting Tips for Teenagers


These flirting tips for teenagers are primarily aimed at teens, but the great thing about them, is that anyone can benefit from using them.

The number one rule when it comes to flirting is….

Don’t be too serious!

flirting tips for teenagers, pick up artist, dating tips, teen datingCan you imagine what it would be like if you were really serious all the time while trying to flirt with someone? It wouldn’t be easy and it wouldn’t be fun! That’s why you need to remember the number one rule of flirting is to lighten up.

Now we have that out of the way……

Here are our top flirting tips for teenagers

1. It’s okay to make fun.

You can make fun of places, events and embarrassing moments, just don’t take it too far. Sometimes people get worried that they will offend someone with their conversation and flirting. You obviously want to try avoid offending people by being too brash, but it’s even more important to lighten up and not take yourself too seriously.

2. Don’t forget to smile.

If you make a flirtatious comment to someone but have a facial expression that makes you look stern and serious, then people are going to be confused as to whether or not you are flirting or you are an axe murderer.

3. Do touch.

While you are flirting with a teen guy or teen girl you like, don’t forget to touch them, otherwise the interaction will just stall out and you will find it difficult to escalate it in future. Touching helps to bridge the gap between being ‘just friends’ and starting a romantic relationship.

4. Don’t just flirt forever.

A lot of people forget that when they are flirting with someone they like, that in order for the interaction to become more intimate, they need to move the conversation from just flirting to having a deeper connection.

You can do this by interspersing the conversation with normal chat and conversation.

5. Don’t forget to turn on the Cold Water.


What we mean is that flirting can be fun, but after a while it can start to bore you, so you need to sometimes withdraw so that the person you were flirting with misses you flirting with them. That way they will want you more even more.

6. Be Kind.

It’s really fun to flirt and have guys or girls chase after you and want to seduce or pick you up, but you need to be careful that you are not giving them the wrong idea or just leading them on. It can lead to people getting really angry with you.

7. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Lot’s of people get caught up with having the perfect pick up or banter line to say to say to someone, but they forget that nearly all flirting is accomplished through body language and tonality.
flirting tips for teenagers, dating tips, pick up artist, prom dating
Imagine someone told you that they just won a million dollars.
You could respond by saying,

“How did that happen?”

This puts you in the position of logically wanting the answer to the question (nothing more).

But you could raise your eyebrow, furrow your brow, smile slyly and respond,

“How did thaaat happen?”

It’s much more playful and puts you in a position of playful disbelief.

Think of flirting as teasing and having fun. Just like how you play with your bratty little sister or brother. You might say serious things but you don’t mean any of it. It’s just a way for you to have fun.

Most teenagers are naturally flirty and fun and don’t really need this flirting advice so we hope you’ve learned something from this flirting tips for teenagers article.

There is more great dating advice throughout the site, so please feel free to check out some more of the great dating tips articles we have.

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