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Flirting Pick Up Lines


When you want things to go well with a girl, use these flirting pick up lines. They are fun and flirty chat up lines but not too serious, exactly the attitude that you want to portray when picking up a girl. Remember that using pickup lines that are too serious and boring is not something that does not attracts girls. Check out Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist Guide for more great dating advice on what to say after using a pick up line.

“You’re cute, but we need to do something about those shoes”
(this is great as you are saying something nice but are also throwing in a teasing comment to show her that you are not a pushover.)

“Wow, you totally remind me of this girl I know….she’s really funny, tell me you are her?”

“What’s your favorite thing about me? The ass or the sense of humor?”

“I usually like to tell girls about how great I am before I start flirting with them, but I don’t want to intimidate you.”

“Oh my god, I love your glasses, my mom has the same pair”
(great pick up line for using on a girl who wears glasses as again you are giving her a compliment but also saying something cheeky)

“We should hang out sometime, but you have to promise not to come on too strong. Sometimes I get a bit worried as I have this really strong effect on girls.”

“Are you a virgo? I’ve got a feeling you are. Her: No, I’m a capricorn. You: Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t asking you about your star sign, I meant to ask if you were a virgin?”

“What’s the difference between me and other guys? Her: I don’t know. You: I’m the only guy talking to you, the others are a too intimidated.”

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