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First Kiss Tips


Use these first kiss tips to make that first time making out memorable.

first kiss tips, how to kiss, kissingHave a clean mouth

This means brush your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure that they are white, not yellow. Make sure that you have fresh breath. If you are having trouble, try mouthwash but if the problem is really bad then just go to the dentist.

Have soft lips

Having kissable lips is probably the most important of all these first kiss tips you are reading. There are two reasons for this: firstly anyone that sees your lips in a bad state like if there chapped or you have cold sores, then most likely people will not want to kiss you. However if you keep your lips in good condition and moisturized then they are a lot more attractive. Secondly the actual kissing itself is not much fun if your partner’s lips are chapped and in general bad condition.


Do not forget to create tension. This means that you don’t have to go in for the kiss or make out straightaway. Instead it’s actually fun to sometimes tease your partner and not kiss them and instead make them wait for a while. This makes the kiss much more valuable to your partner and they will appreciate it more when you do actually kiss.


A lot of people don’t realize that making your boyfriend or girlfriend or partner uncomfortable is probably one of the least romantic things you can do. By being nervous or being agitated you will unfortunately make your partner nervous or agitated also. This is not sexy when it comes to kissing. So relax and slow down, the kiss will come eventually.


 There are many different types of kissing; it’s best to try a bit of everything. That way your partner will not be easily bored. So if you were just kissing them on the lips, try moving to kissing them on the neck or the earlobe or the cheek. If you are just squeezing their lips or a bit of skin between your lips, then try instead to suck their skin or lips. You can even use your teeth to gently and sensually bite either their lips or their skin.

There’s more

It’s not just the kissing. To use these first kiss tips effectively, you need to realize that just kissing your partner is not the only aspect that makes the first kiss enjoyable for both parties. It’s also being with the person. So don’t forget to use your whole body to show them how you feel about them. So use your hands and arms to hold them while you are kissing.

Don’t forget that your partner is most likely just as nervous as you are about kissing you. So if you feel a little uncomfortable don’t worry, your partner is probably feeling just the same.

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