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First Date Conversations


Want to make sure your first date conversations go smoothly? Great then keep reading. The purpose of this article is to make sure you choose the right topics and subjects when talking with your date on that ‘first big meet up’.

If you haven’t already read the great tips in the First Date Questions article, then have a look at that first. It explains what questions to ask and what questions to avoid to make sure your date feels comfortable, relaxed and enjoys spending time with you.

  • first date conversations, conversations topics, dating tips, seductionThe single most import first date conversation tip is to keep it fun. This can’t be stressed enough. If you are nervous going on a first date, then chances are, your date will be just as nervous. It’s not something to worry about, it’s natural to feel a twinge of nervousness. So the best thing you can do is to keep it fun. It’s the quickest way to get both of you relax. A great way to ensure you are having fun is to go on a fun date. That way fun is automatically built into the date.

So now that you are both together, you probably want to know some good first date conversation tips and what first date conversations you should be avoiding.

  • Most importantly, there is no need to get too deep about serious subjects (your family, future aspirations, etc) at first. It’s great to talk about your family and how you get on well with them. It’s not good to talk about your family’s problems and how you are trying to fix everything.

(You may think this dating tip means, ‘be superficial’. It does not. Do not be superficial. But remember that talking deeply about your family’s problems or your problems on a first date may scare off the guy/girl you are trying to attract or seduce.)

If you don’t take anything else from this article, then remember,
  • Keep it fun
  • Do not get too ‘deep’

So what are some great first date conversation topics….
first date conversations, conversation topics, dating tips, first date
  • Fun things going on in your life
  • Latest celebrity drama or gossip
  • Your mutual friends
  • Your plans to travel in the future
  • His/Her plans to travel in the future
  • Odd/quirky things that happened to you lately
  • An (interesting) subject you are passionate about (not stamp collecting!)
Hopefully you’ve noticed a trend here. For the first date, the conversation needs to be interesting, fun and not too serious (it’s cool to get into the more serious stuff once you have been on a few dates)

A conversation tip for the first date is to use the ‘Go First’ principle. If your date is a bit shy about opening up on where they want to travel, then use the ‘Go First’ principle. First talk about where you want ot travel to and then ask them. They will be far more likely to open up after you did first.

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