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First Date Conversation Starters


Choosing the right conversation topics

Choosing good first date conversation starters is crucial to avoid any possible awkwardness on your first date. There are a few simple rules to follow to make sure you have a great time on your first meet up.

This is a conversation not and interview!

first date conversation starters, conversation, dating tips, romanceSo you spend a few hours getting ready, you picked something fun to do, maybe even one of the dates from these cool date ideas. Then you go out to meet your date……but you’ve no idea what to talk about.

The single most important piece of advice that anyone can give you is to remember that this is not an interview.

Does that mean “Do not ask questions?”.

It’s perfectly fine to ask questions. However it’s terrible to ask one question after another after another. This will make any date you are on very boring. Here’s an example of the interview.

“What age are you?”
“Where are you from?”
“What do you do for a living?”
“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

Imagine asking each of these questions one after another. Do they inspire great conversation?

No, they just put pressure on your date to do the talking. Great conversations happen when you both contribute.

A better way to ask questions

Here is conversation technique that is very effective for asking questions without it ever appearing like the dreaded ‘interview’: talk about the topic first before ask the question. Here’s a few examples

“My 25th birthday was crazy. One of my friends had far too much to drink and we had to carry him home like a sack of potatoes….Do you ever have to look after your friends like that?”

first date conversation starters, dating tips, conversation“I’m really glad I moved to the city. I do miss living in a small town, but there is always something fun to do living in the city….Where are you from yourself?”

“I really like working for myself. Nothing having a boss always on my back about deadlines is fantastic…..What about you, what do you do for a living?”

“It’s funny, I never thought that I would miss my brothers and sisters when I moved to the city, but I really do….What about yourself, do you have any brothers or sisters?

Notice in the examples above that you talk about the topic a little first before asking the question. This will help the your date to answer the question with more than just a few words.

First date conversation starters can’t be boring

When coming up with first date conversation starters and conversation topics in general, remember that they cannot be boring. Any topic can be interesting to someone, so find out beforehand what your date is interested in and read up on a few of those topics.

People always say avoid the weather or politics or xyz….It’s a a good guideline (but not law) to avoid topics that might annoy people. However, if you are both studying politics or perhaps even meteorology, then it is perfectly fine to talk about those things.

Examples of first date conversation starters that work universally are:

Celebrity Gossip
Local Scandal
TV show (that you both have an interest in)
A shared commonality

The last one works fantastically but obviously you need to know a little about the guy or girl beforehand.

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