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Dumb Pick Up Lines


Using dumb pick up lines can make your night really fun. Just remember that these hilarious lines may get you a smack in the face!

You have calves that only a cow could like.

You have an okay smile, but to be honest, I’ve seen better teeth on a worn out gearbox.

Hey baby, the last time I saw a mouth like yours, it had a fishhook in it.

Your lips remind me of petals, bicycle pedals.

You have so many piercings that I bet the only thing attracted to you is a magnet.

Your nose is so big that I’d say you’d need an axe to pick it.

I guessing you have a Roman nose? Because it’s roaming all over your face!

I bet you can swat flies with those big ears, huh?

Looks like you are on the seafood diet…when you see food, you eat it, right?

You remind me of spoilt milk, fat and chunky.

Some people are larger than life, I’m guessing you are larger than everything!

You are so skinny that I bet you can disappear by turning sideways.

You have the body of a yacht, except you’re missing the tender behind.

Some girls have bodies that stop traffic, looks like yours just blocks it.

My underwear may be older than me, but what about a dance.

Want to see my muscles?

You look like the kind of girl I could bench press.

It looks like you spent a lot of money to look really cheap.

Did you get dressed in front of a leaf blower because you look all over the place?

I have to be honest baby; I’ve seen better dressed wounds than you.

I love your dress; did you get it in a charity shop?

I had a dream about us last night; wanna know what happened in it?

You are like the Pillsbury doughboy. Everyone wants to poke you.

I’m going to call you Humpty Dumpty. First I’m going to hump you, and then I’m going to dump you.

You look like my old car. It always needed a couple of good bangs before it started running smoothly.

Are you like a gas station? Her: Why? You: Well do I have to pay before I pump?

You remind me of a bowling ball. I’ll put my fingers in you, throw you in the gutter but I bet you’ll still come back for more.

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