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Does my Crush like me back


does my crush like me back, dating tips, love advice, cute guyIt can drive you crazy, trying to figure out, ‘does my crush like me back’? You wonder if that time he asked to borrow your pen 3 weeks ago was a ‘sign’ that he is attracted to you? What about the time he asked what you were doing for the weekend. Was that a sign that he likes you?

I know how it feels. I’ve been there and it’s exciting, depressing, fun and terrible all at the same time. Here are some great tips for dealing with this situation emotionally and also some advice for getting the guy you want when trying to figure out, does my crush like me back?

You’re not the only one

The first thing to remember in all this chaos and confusion is that you are not the only one asking yourself, does my crush like me back? At least half of my friends have been in the same situation for more than a couple of months. You may be feeling that your life will not be complete without this ‘one’ guy. Well I got news for you, you’re going to be fine whether you get him or not.

The best way to stop obsessing over him is to start doing activities that get your mind off him. Going out with friends and meeting other guys is probably the best thing you can do. 

How to check if he likes you back

This can be a tricky thing to do right. You obviously don’t want to show all your cards and tell him how you feel. So you need to perform some ‘does my crush like me back’ tests to see if he does like you back.

The friend test
You may be thinking of getting your friends to ask him in a discreet way. This can go well if you do it right, but can make things very awkward if not done properly.

To make it discreet and to keep him from knowing how you feel, organize with a good and preferablydoes my crush like me back, dating tips, cute guy, advice for women male friend (a friend you can truly trust) to ask him.

The next time your friend (lets call her Jessica) is hanging out with the guy you have a crush on, get Jessica to start talking about who she likes and prefers (celebrities are fine, but it would be great if they were mutual friends you both know, like guys in your class/school). Then ask the guy which celebrities/girls he likes. Then ask him about girls you both know.

Be very careful here. Get your friend to ask him about at least 5-7 girls and include you somewhere in the middle of that list of 5-7 girls, not at the beginning or the end. Make sure she keeps skipping onto the next girl as if she is barely interested. When she finishes the list, get her to change the subject to something else, to give the guy the impression that the conversation is boring her.

The ‘does he invest’ test
The friend test can work well, but sometimes it can make it very obvious to the guy what is going on……..

So you need to give your crush the ‘does he invest’ test. This is probably the best test you can do when trying to figure out, does my crush like me back? The purpose of this test is to see if he wants to be around you and hang out with you.

We will be seeing if he will ‘invest’ in a conversation or invest time to help you.

Things you can do to test this.
  • Ask him if you can use his phone for a minute to see if he is happy (or even better, eager) to help you.
  • Ask him to help you carry something to see if he is willingly (or hopefully eager) to help you. It could be books, a bag, anything.
  • Ask him to hold something. Maybe you have to get something from your backpack, but you are holding a coffee. Get him to hold the for you.
  • Ask him to borrow a pen/pencil to see if he is happy to give you one.
  • Ask him if you can copy his homework. This is a biggie
If a guy is willing and even better, eager to help you out, you can take it as a sign that your crush likes you back.

The touch test
The touch test works in 2 different ways.

1. Does he touch you much? When you two are talking or hanging out does he touch you in a romantic way or the way friends touch each other.

Friends touch each other on the elbow or on the arm and sometimes on the back when talking to emphasize points.

If he is touching you in a romantic way, then he will touch you on the leg, hands, neck, lower part of the back. When he touches you, it will also be prolonged touching.

2. Do he like it when you touch him?

When you touch him, does he smile and appear to like it or is he noticeably creeped out?

This question answers itself.

The attention test
When you two are talking does he focus his full attention on you and give you full eye contact?

If you are talking to a guy and he is staring off into space and looking at other girls, then take it as a sign that you do not have his full attention and he does not like you that much.

However, if he does look at you directly and listen intently when you are talking to each other then take it as a sign that your crush is attracted to you.

Signs that indicate you have his full attention are him giving you eye contact, laughing at your jokes and his body language facing you.

The ‘catch him looking’ test
I hope this last one is obvious. If you frequently catch your crush looking at you when there is no reason to (i.e. you are just minding your own business), then you can take it as a sure sign that he likes you.

I hope these tests give you the results you need when trying to figure out, does my crush like me back. For more great advice check out these articles on signs he is attracted to you and is he attracted to me.

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