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Does He Really Love Me?


It can be a scary time when you are asking yourself, “Does he really love me?” Don’t be afraid, every girl and every couple go through ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Watch out for these major signs to check if he does really love you.

Does he talk to other people about you

If a guy truly loves you then he won’t be able to help himself from telling his friends and your friends about how he feels about you and how great you are. So when you talk to others that know him, do they mention that he talks about you a lot? If a guy doesn’t care about you then he either won’t talk about you or will only talk about you in a negative way.

Does he do nice things for you

When you are wondering, does he love me, ask yourself, “Does this guy do nice things for me?” When you have had a hard day at work or in school, does your man go the extra mile to alleviate the stress for you or is he totally self centred and moans when you ask for some help with simple chores? It’s obvious that he doesn’t really love you that much if he’s always moaning or refusing to help out.

Does he do things ‘just because’

When a guy really loves you, you will always be on his mind, he just won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Because of this he won’t be able to help himself from doing nice things for you. He might prepare little suprises for you, such as your favorite meal or bringing you to your favourite place.
Guys who don’t care about you never try to impress you or show you how much they care.

The most important way to tell does he love me

The most important and simplest way to tell is a guy really does love you is to…..(drum roll please)….ask him. You don’t have to ask him directly, “Do you love me?” but instead you can broach the subject by asking him something a little less serious, such as, “Where do you see us in six months?” If he responds positively to that, you can then ask deeper questions, like, “Do you really love me?”

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