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Does He Love Me


Asking yourself, “Does he love me”? can be very frustrating. Especially when you are with a man that doesn’t outwardly show affection as much as you’d like. By following these simple clues, you’ll quickly be able to tell whether or not your man truly loves you or not.

Time Spent with you

does he love me, love leaf, dating, romanceThe single most important characteristic of a guy who loves you is how much time he spends with you. If a guy is truly, madly, and deeply in love with you, then he will want to spend as much time with you as possible. Is he always making excuses to go out partying with his friends or is he always making excuses to spend time with you? Guys who put off things that they otherwise enjoy are men who are either in love or they are falling in love.

What does he tell your friends?

If you are still confused and wondering, does he love me, then maybe your friends have the answer. Guys who fall in love with you are guys who will talk about how great you are to others. If he is talking to your mates, the subject of you is bound to come up. Does he wax lyrical about all you great qualities or is he laughing at you behind your back? If he is in love with you then the answer is obvious; he will be singing your praises.

The answer could be in his eyes

does he love me, dating, hearts, loveGuys who are in love with you and feel strongly attracted to you can’t help themselves when it comes to looking at you. The stare, stare and stare some more! When you are with him does he look lovingly into your eyes? When you are both talking does he keep his eyes focused on you or is he constantly checking out other girls? Guys who keep checking out other girls when they are with you are definitely not in love with you and may also be the cheating kind. Obviously eyes do sometimes wander, but if it’s happening more than a few times, then stay away.

Random Communication

One dead giveaway sign that your boyfriend loves you is if he contacts you ‘just to talk.’ Everyone dates guys who will text and phone you to make plans, but guys who are crazy about you will get in contact with you just for the sake of it. He may call, text, send you an email or leave a post on your facebook wall just to say ‘hi’ and see how you are. That’s it. Some guys don’t like the phone and prefer to talk face to face so if this isn’t happening then don’t take it as a serious sign that he doesn’t love you.

Future Plans Together

Guys who make plans with you for in the future are most definitely in love with you. They do it for 2 reasons. Firstly to see if you plan to spend time with them in the future. It’s like a test. Secondly they do it because they couldn’t bear the possibility of you not being with him in the future.

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