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Dirty Pick Up Lines

Using Dirty Pick Up Lines can be a very dangerous, double-edged sword. On the one hand, you could get the guy/girl you tell them to very attracted, very quickly. However, you must be very careful. Using one of these lines on someone who is easily offended is absolutely terrible. So you have been warned!

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Dirty Pick up Lines to use tonight

(to two girls talking. Walk up and stand between the two of them) Sorry girls, I don’t mean to come between you…..or do I!

 Hey, did you get your invitation to the… pants dance

You wanna play war games? Her: Okay You: Ok, I’ll lie down, and you can blow the crap out of me!

Have you ever seen a one-eyed serpent before? Wanna see one?

Hey, do you know how to put a condom on? Her: No You: Watch, I’ll show you.

Your ankles look so lonely, maybe they should meet your pants. Lets drop them down, shall we?

If I said that you had a sexy body, would you hold it against me?

You know, I’m not going to kiss you if you keep being this rude.

I want to surf the crimson wave, can you help me out?

I’m guessing you are a check out girl? Her: No, I’m not You: Well how come you’ve been checking me out girl!

Who wants to get pregnant?!

Those clothes look nice, but they would look better on my floor.

Do you spit or swallow

More Dirty Pick Up Lines

Have you ever seen a one eyed snake?

You are so nice, I really want to show you something swell.

I’m guessing you are employed by Subway because I think I just got a footlong.

Do you come her a lot or do you wait till you get home?

Hey I was thinking that maybe we could hang out, maybe eat some chicken, have some beers and makeout? Her: Hell No! You: Okay then, let’s not have chicken or bear.

Smiling isn’t the only thing you can do with those lips. Let me show you what else they do.

My parents believe in free love, do you? Her: No! You: That’s okay baby, I’m willing to pay.

You look tired; let me show you somewhere to lie down.

My last girlfriend called me the Australian because she would always find me down under.

(While holding a napkin or any piece of paper) Hey, my treasure map says that there is a surprise for me in your chest, do you mind if I have a look?

Have you met my one-eyed friend Richard?

Did you know that I’m an astronaut? My next mission is to Uranus.

I’m performing mammograms; can I interest you in one?

You know what they say about men with size 14 shoes? Her: No. You: Let me show you!

You must think that I’m an archeologist because I’m digging your chest.

I want to be on you.

How do you like your eggs done in the morning? Sunny side up or fertilized?

Hey baby, wait till you see what I replaced the floppy drive on my computer with…a hard drive….wanna come see it?

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