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Dating Tips for Teenage Girls


It’s a good thing you found these dating tips for teenage girls. It’s not easy being a teenager especially dating tips for teenage girls, dating tips, safe teen dating, teen lovewhen it comes to dating. Guys in their teens tend to be pretty immature and often only interested in picking up girls and ‘getting some’.

Luckily, this article is going to tell you how to find a guy you actually like and make it work with him.

It’s super important to remember that most (but not all) teenage boys are quite immature (they should start reading some of the dating tips on this site, lol!). However there is always a guy you’ll find that isn’t like the rest. He’s someone you could actually see yourself dating. Here are our top dating tips to make your life as a teen much easier.

1.Be Safe!

Before even reading this dating advice or trying to start a relationship with a guy the single most important thing to remember is your safety. If you are a bit inexperienced in the dating scene, then you don’t want to end up in any situations that scare you or threaten your safety. Remember to always tell someone before you go on a date.

So, rule #1, be safe!

2. Teenage guys are dumb!

dating tips for teenage girls, teen dating safety, teenage love I know that sounds mean, but for the most part, it’s true. Most teenage boys are not very well developed when it comes to dating.

So if you really like a guy and he’s a teenager, then chances are he is not picking up the signals and doesn’t even know you like him. Not only this, but he may be shy.

So often you will have to make it quite obvious to a guy that you like him before he will want to go on a date with you or ask you out.

Not only this, but as much as you might want him to lead the date, he may be nervous and afraid to, so you may have to take charge. 

3. It’s never perfect

. If this is one of your first dates ever, you may hope that it will be perfect and everything will go smoothly. Well I got news for you sister, some dates are great, some dates are awkward, it just depends on whether or not you two are compatible with each other. 

4. Have boundaries

. This may sound obvious, but if you’re hanging out with some guy, he may get pushy or try to escalate the interaction to a place where you are not comfortable (sex, etc.). Do not do anything just to make a guy like you. If he wants to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, then tell him to stop. 

5. Make sure he’s not a tell-tale.

You may really like a guy and want to hang out with him (I presume so, you are reading this dating tips for teenage girls article after all!). That’s awesome. I hope you do get the guy you want.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a dark side to this though. Just like I mentioned in dating tip #2, teenage boys are dumb. You got to make sure the guy you are with does not ruin your reputation. So make sure that he is not the kind of guy to tell his friends every juicy detail before you go on a date with him.

Hope you liked these dating tips for teenage girls. You may still have more questions like, does my crush like me back or perhaps you have trouble reading the signs he is attracted to you. There are loads more great articles on the site, so please do check them out.

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