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Dating Tips for Teenage Boys


We created this dating tips for teenage boys page as it can be incredably frustrating getting with girls: We wanted to give you guys the necessary tools to attract, pick up, seduce and flirt with the girls you really want.

dating tips for teenage boys, teen dating, teenage love, social statusIf you have read some of the other pick up artist and dating advice on the internet and tried to use it for attracting the girl you want, I’m guessing you failed. There is a really big differences between high school and later life when it comes to picking up, attracting and dating girls.

The simple reason……

Social Status

In school, social status is the most important element by far when it comes to dating girls. Everything else is secondary.

What is social status? It is where you are perceived to fit within a social circle or how cool people think you are. So being the captain of the football or basketball team would give you very high social status. As would being one of the guys in the ‘cool crowd’ give you a lot of social status. Being on the chess or debating team would not be good for getting social status.

As much as you may hope that social status would not be important when it comes to picking up and dating girls in school, it will never go away. It will always be the most important factor when it comes to dating for teenagers.

So the best thing you can do to get more girls is to do things that increase your social status.

Things like going to parties, getting better at sports and becoming friends with the more popular people will help you get more girls, more than any pick up lines, tactic or routine ever will.

So remember in school, the most important dating tip for teenage boys is to remember that social status is king when it comes to getting chicks.

However there are some helpful, secondary tips to keep in mind.

1. Peacocking doesn’t really work in school. The sad thing for a lot of teenagers is that most people just want to fit in. So things like peacocking, that make you stand out is not going to help you much.

2. Being known as the ‘creepy pick up guy’ is a seriously bad thing. Maybe you watched Mystery and Matador on VH1’s The Pick Up Artist and were inspired to be like them. That’s fine. The sad thing is, those guys are creepy. If you approach 10-15 girls in the same class and use some weird line on them, they are going to start talking about you as the ‘creepy pick up guy’.

Like I said earlier, social status matters the most in school. So if people are talking behind your back about how weird you are, then you are not going to have a lot of success when it comes to dating girls.

3. It gets easier. Right now you may be thinking that school sucks and it’s impossible to get girls. Fortunately it gets far easier. When you get to college and afterwards, meeting girls is far easier.

They don’t care much if you played sports or were in the ‘cool crowd’. So don’t worry too much right now if school is getting you down. It gets better later. If you are still looking for more dating tips for teenage boys, then check out Dating Tips for Guys. These tips aren’t specifically aimed at teens, but men in general.

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