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Dating Tips for Shy Guys


It’s not easy being a shy guy, that’s why we created this dating tips for shy guys page, to give you tips for attracting women to help you overcome your tips for shy guys, dating, shy dog, approach anxiety

There are 3 major problems being a shy guy when it comes to dating.

1. You may be very nervous just approaching a girl (approach anxiety)

2. Then you may be nervous because you do not know how to have a proper conversation with a girl(from the first conversation to when you are dating her)

3. You may be nervous because you are afraid to lead the interaction.

Let me start by saying that you’re not the only one to feel approach anxiety! There is more than just you reading this dating tips for shy guys page. Nearly everyone has some sort of approach anxiety when it comes to chatting up girls.

I’m going to be honest……the feeling of fear when approaching a girl will never completely go away, but it won’t be as strong after you finish reading this dating tips for shy guys article.

The first step is to expose yourself to this fear by getting into social situations outside of your comfort zone.

This is fantastic. Over time you become desensitized to previous ‘nerve-wrecking’ experiences.

I personally had approach anxiety really bad and it took me a long time to get over it because I couldn’t ever seem to find any dating tips for shy guys. Instead, I joined my local Toast Masters and university debating club to practice public speaking and took a job as a Face-2-Face fundraiser (charity mugger) approaching strangers on the street trying to encourage them to join Greenpeace. It was not easy, but eventually my fear subsided when I realized that most people are pretty friendly.

In total it took me three and a half years to get it to a level where I happily chat up girls on the train.

If you guys aren’t eager to go as extreme as me, try not wearing a watch anymore and start asking strangers (preferably girls you are attracted to) for the time. When they give it to you, say “thanks” and leave.

Then once you have done this a few times, up the stakes. Try to make small talk with them after getting the time. The same goes for waiting in a queue or with the person at the cash register or with the person sitting next to you on a plane. It doesn’t necessarily have to be girls you are talking to but it helps you become more relaxed if it is.

Once you comfortably can talk to strangers and are no longer a too nervous, it’s time to take the plunge into the dating world.

bar, pub, dating tips, tips for attacting women -Go out to a bar or club with friends (having read this dating tips for shy guys article), get in a talkative mood and then start talking to a girl. Some people advise asking her an opinion on something.I usually go with, “What is up with [something in you surroundings]?” and then start flirting

-Personally I have found during the day that if I start chatting up a girl in a restaurant or on the street, it goes better if I actually appear a little nervous! So if you feel nervous or shy talking to a girl during the day then don’t worry, it’s almost scary for her if you appear ‘too cool for school’

My Dating Conversation Tips article covers every conversation tip you need to know if you’re not too good at holding a decent conversation.

A man must take responsibility for leading the interaction and making her feel comfortable.

This is the area that most guys unknowingly trip up on!

You may be out on a date and want to kiss her, but don’t know how. You might be thinking that she will initiate the kiss or change of venue. You may even be wondering if you should organize the date or ask her to.

“So should I plan the date?”

Answer: Yes (for 95% of the time. Sometimes it may be her birthday and she will invite you to her party or to a house party, etc.)

-This is probably my most important of all the dating tips for shy guys. You need to lead the interaction while making the girl feel comfortable!

I usually ring the girl up and tell her what I’m doing for the week, then tell her when I am free. Then I tell her about a place we should hang out(like a bar or event) and tell her “You should come with me”

If I want to change venue, I mention the new venue about 20 minutes before we leave and how great it is. Then when I want to go there. I say, “Hey, lets go to [new place]”

If you want to kiss her you need to remember one important rule!


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