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Dating Tips for Guys

The purpose of ‘dating tips for guys’ is to get you up to speed as quick as possible with meeting, dating tips for guys, pick up artist, dating tips, erik von markovikattracting and seducing girls as well as forming meaningful relationships with them and making them last.

Have you ever wondered why some guys just ‘get it’, while you afraid to even talk to a girl?

Have you ever been left confused when girls give you advice like, “Just be yourself” or “Give her compliments”, only for that exact advice to leave you alone with no girls.

So let me lay a few hard truths on you.

“Just be yourself” means to be the same relaxed fun guy that you are with your friends, who doesn’t worry if the girl likes him or not.

“Give her compliments” means give compliments to the girl, BUT only if she is first attracted to you.

Here at Real-Dating-Tips, we only give dating tips for guys that work. No feel good filler. Don’t worry we will be giving you specific tips for attracting women.

First you need to understand something really simple:

Men and women are attracted to different things

❁ Men are primarily attracted to physical beauty.

❁ Women are different. While physical beauty is helpful, it’s not too important. Women are attracted todating tips for guys, pick up artist, erik von markovik, dating tips things that are fortunately under a guys control. Dating tips for guys will explain exactly what those thing are and how to implement them.

You may want to just find out some tips for attracting women, become a Pick Up Artist or find out some Cool Ideas for Dates

So if you are interested in improving your dating life with women as well as specific aspects of it, then I highly suggest you subscribe to the dating tips blog and start reading the dating tips for guys articles below

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How to Understand Women

How to make a girl fall in love with you

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