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Dating Tips for Girls


Getting that really great guy takes work! Luckily this dating tips for girls article is here to help you every step of the way.

dating tips for girls, signs he is attracted to you, love, seductionBefore you start reading all these dating tips, be warned! I’m not going to hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be okay. You need to take responsibility for improving your dating life. The dating advice you are about to read sounds great, but if you are not willing to put in the effort required to make it work, then you are going to find it pretty tough to get the guy you want!

Phew, I didn’t mean to sound harsh there, but please try to remember that this takes work! Reading dating tips online is one thing but putting them into action is another.

OK, here we go….

1. Be your best self


If you really want to get a great guy, my top dating tip for you is to be your best self. That means you can’t pretend to be someone else or pretend you are someone you are not.

A lot of the dating advice I’ve found when researching this article tell girls to be yourself. That is good advice, but if I was being myself, I would look terrible, not go out much and I wouldn’t get many chances with guys.

Instead you need to be your best self. That means you need to maximize your appearance AND how you act. So if you are hoping to meet a guy tonight, make sure you are clean, dressed well and smell nice. It also means that you do not bring negativity to the people you are interacting with.

It’s cool to be in a bad mood from time to time, but if you are always ruining other people’s nights with your negativity, then you need to start thinking about how you are acting.

So the most important of all these dating tips for girls is to be your best self, not someone you think you should be, which brings us to….

2. Do not change yourself for anyone

So you met a great guy, but you find yourself constantly asking yourself, “Is he attracted to me”? You just can’t read the signs properly and don’t know if he really likes you or not.

So to try and get him to like you, you tell him that you like what he likes, only want to do what he wants to do and only hang out when he wants to hang out (even if you never actually want to do any of these things).dating tips for girls, love, seduction, relationship

Is this you? Have you ever acted like this when trying to win a guy over?

Let me be straight up:

Following a man’s every whim will drive him away

Having your own life will attract him to you

It may sound counter intuitive, but this is highly attractive to men. He will see his time spent with you as precious and will value it more if you do not change yourself for him.

SIDENOTE: It’s perfectly fine to make exceptions every once in a while. But remember that bending to his every whim will drive him away.

3. Have your own life

You may have noticed in point #2 that you need to have other things to do in your life besides just hanging out with your guy.

Having your own life is really key to this. You need to have other things to do for 2 reasons:
  • It makes you more attractive in his eyes.
  • It keeps you occupied to stop you from obsessing over the guy you want.
So doing things like going to the gym, playing sports, going clubbing or going on weekend trips with the girls are great ways to have your own life.

The purpose of theses 3 dating tips for girls is to ensure that you do not come off as desperate. Think of them as the foundation. This next article is fantastic and contains more dating tips for girls and it looks specifically at the important stuff such as flirting and things you can do to make him want you more, even when you are already in a relationship.

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