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Cute Pick Up Lines


These cute pick up lines are funny, they will have the girl you tell them to laughing. BUT, and there is a big BUT, using cute chat up lines and making a girl laugh is only part of the process to attracting and picking up a girl. There is so much more that you need to do in order to start dating girls or hooking up with them besides using a funny pick up line. If you are serious about attracting and seducing girls, then check out Dating Tips for Guys for everything you need to know. But if you still want some cute pick up lines, keep reading

1. Hi, I’m the man of dreams, you called?

2. There’s something about you that intrigues me. I know what it is. Your tits, the’re massive.

3. You won’t find me in the phone book, but I’m in the dictionary under ‘da bomb’!

4. Who has 2 thumbs and wants to get into your pants. This guy! (point to yourself with both of your thumbs)

5. What are the chances of me and you hooking up tonight?

6. My mom told me that I had to get out of the basement and meet some girls, so here I am. What do you say me and you get to know each other a bit better?

7. Let’s take it in turns to tell each other why we like each other. I’ll go first…..I like you because you have massive boobs, now you’re turn.

8. If I could spend just one night with you my dear…..I’d pay for the condoms.

9. (Beckon her towards you with your finger) I made you come with just one finger, imagine what these hands could do to you!

cute pick up lines, cute squirrel, adorable, dating10.  How much is it going to cost me?

11. Spit, swallow or gargle?

12. I think I could fall madly in bed with you

13. Can I dock my ship in your harbour?

14. I’m going to organize a party back at my place. Tell your pants to come on down.

15. (Beckon her towards you with your finger) I knew if I fingered you long enough, you’d come.

16. I can’t promise you any diamonds, pearls or gold, but I will promise not to throw up if we do have sex.

17. Promise me we’re not going to have sex tonight!

18. My mom says that I’m the nicest guy she knows, what do you think?

19. If you rub me hard enough, I’ll grant you three wishes.

20. When was the last time you saw a guy as cute as me?

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