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Corny Pick Up Lines


These corny pick up lines will either have the girl you are trying to pick up rolling on the floor, laughing her ass off or slapping you in the face. If you want some advice on how smoothly pick up girls, then check out Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist Guide for some great info.

(to a girl with a cigarette) I think your smoking!

What would it feel like to be Mrs (your last name)

Hi, I better call the fire brigade, coz you are smoking

(Hold up your phone and look at it like it’s broken) Hmmm, there’s something wrong here, there’s a problem with my phone…your number’s not in it!

Do you have a beer barrel in your butt? Her: No, why? You: I wanna tap it!

You look like a cake….and I want a piece

Are you like a hurricane? Her:No, why? You: Well I was just wondering if you blow?

Can you be my refrigerator coz all I want to do is put my meat in you.

I’m not a good magician but I’ll show you this awesome magic trick! Her: Cool, show me! You: Watch me kiss you without ever touching your lips! (Then kiss her) You: I told you I wasn’t a good magician

Do you hook up with strangers? Her: No! You: Oh, then let me introduce myself, I’m (your name)

Do you close a lot of doors….coz you are slammin’

So what would you like for breakfast?

I would cut off my own hand just to be with you…I’m (you name).

They say the fastest way to a girl’s heart is through her chest, but I’d prefer to woo you with words.

You are like a flame and I am like a moth, I just can’t stop myself from being drawn to you.

If I said you had a cute ass, would you hold it against me?

You look like you need a bit of lovin’!

You should be a contestant in my game show…it’s called the game of love!

Baby, I’m STD free, what do you say about a kiss?

I like you, but the question is, do you like me?

Want to play dress up? Her: No! You: You’re right, lets not wear any clothes!

Even if you were a scab on my knee, I’d still try and pick you up.

Even if you weighed 200lbs, I’d still try and pick you up….luckily you’re not

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