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Cool Pick Up Lines – Beware!


Before getting to the list of cool pick up lines, please read this:

Many guys think that using cool pickup lines on girls to try and pick them up is going to work. Unfortunately they are completely wrong. Just because you saw an actor in a movie say something really slick and cool to a girl, doesn’t mean that it works the same in real life.

Ask any girl what kind of guy she likes and she will always tell you…a man with a sense of humour, someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. The problem with using cool chat up lines is that you will come across as very serious and often times intimidating. This unfortunately does not attract girls. Check out Dating Tips for Men or the Pick Up Artist Guide for tips and tricks on getting girls in real life (not like in the movies!)

However maybe you don’t care and insist on using a cool pickup line, no problem, check these out:

“Hi, I saw you across the room and you looked like you needed a bit of company, I’m [your name].”

“You look like the only girl in here worth talking to, are you fun?”

“Hi, I’m [your name]. I thought I’d come over and join you as you look kind of bored.”

“You’ve got a great dress sense, but can you cook?”

“Are you the kind of girl who drinks beer or are you a little more refined than that?”

“If I come and talk to you, are you going to be cool?”

“When’s the last time a girl like you had a chance to chat with a stud like me?”

“You’ve got a really cool sense of style, I just had to come and talk to you, I’m [your name].”

“You are absolutely adorable, I’m going to call you Suzie.”

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