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Cool Date Ideas

Need some cool date ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Before I list my cool date ideas, let me give some useful pointers to keep in mind

Make sure you choose an activity where you ample opportunity to make physical contact with your date.

-So doing things like going on an awkward dinner date, with both of you facing each other is going to make touching pretty difficult

Make sure you choose an activity that allows you to demonstrate good qualities about yourself.

-So try avoid activities like bringing your date to watch a movie. All you do is sit in separate seats and stay silent (except for a few giggles) for 2 hrs.

Try organizing a date that involves some sort of physical activity.

-This is brilliant because it gets your blood flowing and can put you both in a good mood. Sitting stationary in a movie theatre makes most people sleepy!

Something to keep in mind when planning a date: Try to organize your date close to where you want it to end, it makes everything easier.

-If you are 50 miles from your place, why would your date bother going back there with you?

Multiple activities are best.Try bring your date on a fun activity then afterwards go for a coffee/drink and then maybe show her/him some cool place nearby.

-This works really well as sometimes he/she will not particularly like one specific activity AND doing this mean you have far more memories together.

Organize dates that create an ‘us’ dynamic. I don’t think I need to explain this one, but it helps to create an ‘us’ vibe.

-Try things like mini-golf, where you and your date team up against 2 others. Try doubles tennis or sailing together in a 2 person dinghy or play many of the 2 person games you find in a video game arcade.

Find out if he/she absolutely hates a specific activity.

-Bringing a near blind girl to play pool taught me this lesson the hard way

Now to the important stuff…

10 Cool Date Ideas

1. Amusement Park.

There is never as many thrills and fun things to do than in an amusement park. What’s great is that you can bring your date through an entire range of emotions, from a haunted house (fear) to roller-coasters (excitement). The great thing is that there is so much variety. On the other hand if you take a girl to play pool, it can get boring pretty quick.

2. Cook a meal.

Get your date to bring over a bottle of wine. Just remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Do not cook anything too complicated. The best dishes are the ones cooked quickly where you can delegate tasks to your date. You do not want your date sitting there with nothing to do for 2 hours while you are running around the kitchen.

3. Bringing them ‘into your world’.

What this means is that you bring your date to a place where you are far more knowledgeable in the activity. Activities include things like-Art Exhibitions-Music Events-Sports Events (not typical guy things like football, basketball etc or not typical girl things like netball, etc), things like tennis, cricket date ideas, dating tips, video game arcade, fun

4. Go to a video game arcade.

There are such a variety of different games in video game arcades, such as shooting/dancing/whacking/puching games. You can also keep a running score of who is winning.

5. It’s okay to go to a bar.

Just try to make sure it has a cool theme. My favorite are hookah bars as they have that Persian/Arabian theme. Tapas Bars are great too as they are quite informal. Irish Pubs can be fun too. The worst are the super trendy ones, simply because everyone acts ‘cool’ and will make your date/you feel more inhibited.

6. Coffee.

If you do go for coffee, take the coffee out of coffee shop, go to a crowded place together and ‘people watch’. It’s really fun trying to figure out who other people are and what they are doing.

7. The aquarium/zoo.

This is cool date idea because it’s like people watching only you get to comment on the fish/animal. What kind of people they are. Why they look happy/sad.

8. For guys only

This is an extension cool date idea 3. Organize a date where you get to teach the girl something new

Something like how to sail/how to play tennis/how to box/teach her almost any sport. Try avoid nerdy things like computer programming (not a cool date idea).

The great thing about these dates is that you are automatically in the leader role, something girls are naturally very attracted to.

9. Salsa dancing.

This is a tricky one. It can be really good if you both have equal abilities or if the guy is slightly better as he can instruct the girl. Otherwise it can make for an awkward situation. This is a great idea because you are up close and personal with each other and it gets your heart racing.

10. Bowling.

cool date ideas, bowling, dating tips, funWhat? That’s right bowling is a great date idea. It’s fun and it’s light hearted. You are actually doing something physical, although it’s not very challenging. But it’s not just the bowling that’s fun. Most bowling alleys have video game arcades and bars! So once you’re finished bowling, you can suggest, “I bet I could totally beat you at DDR/Time Crisis/etc”. Or you could make a bet while playing bowling, “Loser buys the beers”

So there you have it, my top 10 cool date ideas.

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