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Conversation Topics

Choosing the right conversation topics is the difference between a pleasant date or a really awkward one. Luckily if you’re a guy there is help here.

conversation topics, conversation starters, how to talk to girls, seduction, dating tipsMany people get caught up with taking their date to a fancy restaurant or a cool bar and believe that’s all they need to do. These wannabe seducers fail to realize that if they can’t at least hold a decent conversation with the person they are with, then a life of celibacy is imminent.

So there are 3 main types of topics to talk about
  •  The good -the fun, interesting topics 
  •  The bad -the dull, boring, overly-logical topics 
  •  The ugly -the topics that make people feel uncomfortable

The Good

These conversation topics are fun to talk about, they make you laugh a lot or grab your attention in a positive way.

  • The topic that most people prefer to talk about, more than anything in the world is……..themselves! That’s right. Getting people to talk about themselves is fantastic. Everyone is caught up in their own world and are dying to talk to you about how much fun they are having, what their latest drama is and what their plans for the future are.
  • The latest celebrity drama is another good topic. Everyone has an opinion on how a celebrity should or should not be behaving.
  • Observing something that is you either like or find amusing in your environment. Maybe you see a guy with a ‘power rangers’ t-shirt, someone wearing a funky hat or notice your date has a cool pair of shoes.

The Bad

Bad conversation topics are ones that make your date bored just talking about them. They don’t inspire good or bad emotions in the person you are talking to and trying to attract.

The example everyone uses is ‘the weather’. Hardly anything fun or interesting can come up when you are discussing the weather. It usually brings neither fun nor awkwardness just boredom.

Other similar dull topics to try and avoid are

  • Computers (unless you both met a web programming convention, talking about computers will not lead to great conversations)
  • The route you took to get to the date
  • Topics you find boring (Sometimes you are stuck for things to say and you revert to things you know about but find boring, do not do this!)

The ugly

These are things to steer well clear of. These topics are the worst things you could possibly bring up. If you want someone to think you are either creepy or weird or both, then bring up these terrible conversational subjects, otherwise, give them a wide berth.

  • conversation topics, conversation starters, dating tips, how to talk to girlsIllness and death (nothing turns someone off more than illness and death. The mental image you form in your head is the opposite to being turned on when talking about illness and death)
  • Things in your life that affect you negatively (Do not use your date as a time to vent negative feelings. Talking about how crappy your job is, how your ex cheated on you and how depressed are not good things to talk about on your first few dates)
  • Creepy subjects like murder, stalkers and your obsession with death are (hopefully) obvious conversation topics to avoid

A couple of important things to remember when you are choosing conversation topics….

If you only use super exciting topics like clebrity drama etc. your date might think you are pretty one-dimensional with no depth to your personality. So it is okay from time to time to move onto topics that are more realted to the 2 of you.

While the list above of good, bad and ugly converation topics is a guideline, do not use it as rigid law. For instance, if your date arrives soaked wet, it’s obviously cool to talk about the weather.

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