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Clever Pick Up Lines


Having clever pick up lines (like the ones below) to chat up girls with is pretty important if you want to make sure that things go well and she becomes attracted to you. While having good, funny and clever pickup lines is important when it comes to picking up girls, it’s just as important to have something to talk to her about afterwards.

So after reading these clever chat up lines, check out both the Dating Tips for Guys section and the Pick Up Artist Guide. They contain loads of articles on dating tips and cover everything you need to do AFTER using a pick up line.

Hey, maybe you could help me, I’m looking for some raisins, do you have any? Her: No. You: No biggie, how about a date?

So besides being insanely hot, what else do you have going for you?
Many girls are intimidated by my massive penis, but you shouldn’t be, I can’t help being so big.

You know what they say about polar bears? Her: No, what? You: They’re enough to break the ice! Hi, I’m (your name)

You have to tell me something….how did you get those stars in your eyes?

Do you believe in double standards? Her: No. You: How about double entendre?

You know what they say about guys that are as good looking as me? Her: No. You: You obviously haven’t seen someone as good looking as me before, have you?

Pull my finger! Her: No Way! You: That was an intelligence test! You passed! I like smart girls, now come here and give me a kiss.

What’s the cleverest thing you’ve ever done? Actually what’s the second most clever thing you’ve ever done…We both know the first is talking to me (giggle).

Hi, I’m a recreational gynaecologist, wanna go have some fun?

1 + 1 = you + me

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