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Cheesy Pick Up Lines


If you want painfully cheesy pick up lines, then keep reading. If you want some real dating tips and advice then check out these Dating Tips for Guys or this Dating Advice for Women. But if you really want some cheesy pickup lines, then have a look and the cheesefest below!

cheesy pick up lines, chessy pick up lines, pickup lines, dating, laughing1.  Stop homelessness; give me a bed for the night!

2. Don’t be like all the other girls, say yes!

3. Did you hear that? Her: What? You: My heart taking off!

4. You’re like a magnet, not matter what I do, I’m drawn to you.

5. You remind me of a door, all I want to do is slam you.

6. Girl, you’re so hot, you make the Sun feel like a block of ice.

7. Do you have the time…….to give me you number?

8. I’d go to the end of the world and back to be with a girl like you, luckily I’m here now, how about a drink?

9. Hey, I wore my best shirt tonight and you still haven’t said hi!

10. I don’t usually pick up girls in bars but I’m willing to make an exception for you.

11. Hey baby, here’s a quarter, go ring your mom and tell her you won’t be home tonight.

12. Can you keep a secret? You’re hot!

13. Hey baby, I wasn’t going to use a cheesy pick up line, but dam, I’m pretty sure God is missing an angel.

14. Besides being super cute, what else do you do?

15. Hey, me and friends were wondering if they’re real….are they?

16. I didn’t know they put ice on the floor! Her: What, why? You: Well me and all my buddies are falling for you.

17. We’d make a good couple, but we’d make better kids.

18. I’d happily be your soap-on-a-rope just to be near you.

19. All I have are the keys to my house and car……do you know where I could find the key to your heart.

20. I’m sick of flirting from over there, so lets do it right here.

More Cheesy Pick Up Lines

21. You may think I’m a frog, but with a kiss, I’ll turn into a prince.

22. I want to be on you….I’m sorry that came out all wrong….I want to be on you (credit: Anchorman).

23. Congratualtions! The votes have been counted and you’ve won the ‘Hottest girl in here contest!” You’re grand prize is one night with me.

24. I like your dress, but you know what would look really good on you…..Me!

25. (walk up to a girl in the bar with a glass of ice, spill it on the floor and stand on it, then say) Now that I’ve broken the ice…..”I’m john”.

26. I’m a man of few words,” Want to hook up?”

27. Do you like ice cream? Her: Yeah. You: Me too…, we have so much in common, we’re going to get on really well!

28. Did it hurt much falling from heaven.

29. Could I ask you something…..What’s your favourite thing about me?

30. (make eye contact with a girl from across the bar, walk over and say) It took a lot of courage to come over here, 3 years at a psychiatrist, medication, electric shock therapy and a lot of crying but I’m finally talking to a girl………so you wanna get laid?
cheesy pick up lines, cheesy pickup lines, dating, cute puppies
31. Did we have sex last week?

32. Ever seen a grown man cry…..just say ‘no’

33. Baby, I don’t have a six pack, but if you’re looking for a keg, I’m your man

34. Do you believe in love at first site or should I walk past again?

35. You are lucky I use fabric softener because I’m ready to snuggle.

36. I’d buy you a drink if you promise to have sex with me

37. Can you believe that only a few moments ago we’d never even had sex.

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