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Capricorn Traits


The most dominant Capricorn traits when looking at star sign compatibility are patience, prudence and humor. These are very positive signs for people looking for love and relationships as Capricorns tend to be quite steady when it comes to the relationship side of dating. They are not the kind of people to put off important work or tasks till the last minute

capricorn traits, capricorn characteristics, star sign sompatibility, daitng tipsNot only are these Capricorn traits and characteristics good when looking to attract or seduce a quality partner, but they also relate to the work environment. When it comes to managing people, there are many Capricorn characteristics such as resourcefulness, determination and honest self-criticism that help to assist them in becoming successful managers and leaders.

These Capricorn characteristics not only enable people to become great leaders, but also give a great work ethic. While Capricorns certainly enjoy money, they do not like taking major risks with it as more often than not, they have busted their gut making it.

While these are fantastic attributes when looking to attract your partner, you must understand that due to their prudent nature, Capricorns may take some time to fully open up and warm to people, but once people can break through their initial coolness, relationships with Capricorns can be very rewarding.

These traits can lead to a Capricorn having a personality that is ‘steady as a rock’ and loyal which are definitely important factors for any serious long term relationship. However sometimes people can lose interest easily with Capricorns, as their dependable nature can become very dull. Some might find that they need to passion of Sagittarius or Aries if a Capricorn does not have the passion they desire.

Saturn, the ruling planet for Capricorns is known for being associated with discipline, stability and responsibility. This answers the question as to why sometimes Capricorns are not the most adventurous people when it comes romance and love.

This also contributes to Capricorns dislike of people who lie and conceal the truth. So if you pick up or start flirting with a capricorn based on false pretences, remember that in the long run this sort of behoviour is not good for star sign compatibility with capricorns.

Capricorns belong to the earth element which explains their logical, centered thinking in reality. This again is a good thing for solid, stable relationships, but may not be very healthy when it comes to love and dealing with the emotional aspects within a relationship.

Best Capricorn Traits

Hard work and determination. It’s not rare to find Capricorns performing incredibly well at their jobs due to their fantastic work ethic.

Worst Capricorn Traits

All work and no play can make you pretty dull! Unfortunately for some Capricorns, their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. They can become so caught up in their work or job that they forget about having fun and relax.

Most compatible star signs

Leo and Sagittarius

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