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Camasutra – How to Improve your Sex life

Want to know how to be good at camasutra? Then keep reading!

Just so you know, this article is aimed at teaching men how to be better in the bedroom. If you’re a girl, then I suggest you check out this guide instead.

Considered the original text when it comes to making love, it was originally developed in Hindu India and contains a variety of different positions you can use for making love, some of which are described below.

A serious problem that people encounter when trying to perform camasutra with their partner is that they think they need to be incredibly flexible and agile to perform all of these different sex positions. Luckily you don’t, there are some positions that don’t require much flexibility at all. You may also find that certain positions don’t really give you that much satisfaction either.

Some Tips when performing Cama Sutra

Remember that the purpose of it is to get the maximum pleasure out of sex or lovemaking (for both of you), not to be flexible or to have the ability to make love in strange positions.

Make sure that you properly communicate with your partner before, during and after love making to make sure you are both getting the most pleasure possible.

Don’t use Cama Sutra as a way to impress someone you like. Instead use it as a way to get closer to a person you already care deeply about.

Camasutra has little to nothing to do with Tantric sex.

Some Cama Sutra Positions

For this position, the girl needs to lie on her back with her knees pulled close to her chest. Her man then enters her from the top so that she has either her feet or knees on his chest. She can then use her knees/feet to control how deep her man penetrates her, while using her arms for extra leverage by grabbing his arms, butt or back.

The Congress of the Crow
This is basically the 69 position, but with both partners lying down on their sides. The man has his mouth facing the girls vagina while the woman has her mouth facing his penis. They can then stimulate each other orally at the same time.

Seated Face to Face
This is a great position for slow and sensual love making. The man sits down on something comfortable like a cushion or the bed with his legs spread out, at approximately 45 degrees and then has his girl sit on his lap, facing him and wraps her legs behind his back. The man can then use his hands to move her up and down or she can rock back and forth.

To be honest, most normal people find a lot these positions really uncomfortable and not satisfying. Luckily I stumbled on this guide in my search to actually please women. It doesn’t give you ridculous advice, like stretching 5 times a day or drinking loads of coconut milk. It’s pretty straightforward and since using some of the techniques, I’ve been complemented many times on my ‘abilities’. Anyway, if you are interested in it, you can check it out here.

This is a great position for two people that are already really close to each other and want to increase the level of intimacy they have together.

Have A Great Camasutra or Sex Tip That You Would Like to Share With The World?

Readers from India to America are submitting their favorite sex tips and camasutra positions! If you have a tip or position that you would like to share to help others have great sex, then we would love to hear it!

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