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Breastfeeding Your Man | Wife Breastfeeding Husband

Breastfeeding your man can be both a pleasurable and erotic experience for you and your partner. Many people who engage in it or nursing find it to be a very bonding experience whether it’s with a boyfriend, partner or husband.

The act of giving the milk produced in your body to your lover is also a symbolic gesture that shows your loved one exactly how you feel about them. Some people also have a wife breastfeeding husband sexual fantasy where they get sexual gratification from either breastfeeding a man or being breastfeed by a woman (also called erotic lactation). This article will explain how to bring up the subject of breastfeeding with your husband or partner in a positive way so that your partner will be eager to try it out. You will learn how to set the scene to make erotic lactation as enjoyable as possible…..

When considering adult breastfeeding there is one important factor to take into consideration.

“I know I like the idea of breast feeding my husband, but do both of us want this?

When considering breastfeeding your husband or partner it’s a good idea to first test the waters to see if he is open to the idea. Many men are completely open to being breastfeed by their wife or girlfriend. However, often men don’t want to admit it or they may be scared of sharing their fantasies with you because they may feel vulnerable or they may feel that you won’t be accepting.

So, what you need to keep in mind is that your boyfriend or partner may not be open to the wife breastfeeding husband idea. You should first test the waters with him by asking him if he has any erotic fantasies of his own. If he opens up, then feel free to tell him about yours. A great way to get him to open up and tell you his fantasies is to tell him yours first so that you show him you are open to the idea of sharing.

Another great way to get a man to indulge in one of your fantasies is to first give him a mind blowing sexual exerience. Most people (men included) either don’t know what a mind blowing experience is or how to give one. Luckily there are some experts. This guy is so good at teaching women on how to please their men that he was featured on Oprah and has luckily decided to publish a book on blowing your man’s mind. If you’re interested, then I highly suggest that you check it out here.

Then once he opens up and tells you a few of his, you can mention that you like the idea of nurturing him and that you love it when he stimulates your breasts with his hands, but especially like it when he uses his mouth. Maybe mention that it would be wonderful to just have your breasts sucked for ten minutes to half and hour. By doing this you never have to mention that you have an adult breastfeeding relationship fantasy or wife breastfeeding husband fantasy.

Once he begins suckling your breasts, make sure to let him know how much you are enjoying it and how good it feels. If you’d prefer him to suck your nipple, just tell him or move your nipple towards his mouth. Another good idea is to rub his head with your hands just like a mother does with her baby.

Setting the scene for breastfeeding your man can add to the experience. Using dim light and a warm setting is important if you want to give it a “mothery” feel. Two great places for erotic lactation or nursing are in the bedroom after sex and just before you fall asleep or on the sofa while your watching TV. Some men even find it comforting to be breastfeed if they’ve had a long or stressful day of work.

Hopefully your husband or boyfriend will be happy and want to engage in breastfeeding with you. You’ll find that breastfeeding a man feels great to both of you. The nipple is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, so you will definitely find it arousing. Your man will enjoy it because nearly all men love kissing, sucking and suckling women’s breasts.

While some men or women want an adult breastfeeding relationship with their significant other, most couples find that breastfeeding your man is just another nice thing to add to your repertoire in the bedroom, that the wife breastfeeding husband fantasy doesn’t need to be done every night.

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