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Best Pick Up Lines


If you want to know what the best pick up lines are, then read the entire article.

Many people don’t realise that the best pickup lines are often the ones that are the most genuine and unapologetic. There is a never ending list out there of funny, silly, crazy, dirty and stupid pick up lines, all of which may make you laugh but chances are, most of the time, they won’t make girls attracted to you.

So the purpose of this article is to give you one awesome pick up lines to use on girls that will actually have them falling head over heels for you provided you say it right.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to understand that most women you meet in a bar DO WANT TO GET CHATTED UP.

But they don’t want to be picked up by drunk idiots.

They want to charmed in a genuine way by guys who are confident (not guys who have to get drunk just to have the courage to go and chat to a girl).

So, the best way to show a girl that you are confident is to approach her directly and tell her how you feel.

“Hi, you are absolutely gorgeous. I had to come and say hi. I’m [your name]”

99% of girls are flattered to hear this from a guy and will be happy to chat to you afterwards.

An important caveat to this is to understand that you must hold eye contact and not be fidgeting when you deliver the line otherwise she may feel that you are not being genuine.

That’s it, the best pick up line you will ever need. Hope you liked it.

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