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Bad Pick Up Lines


These bad pick up lines will have you crying with pain, convulsing in agony and cringing at the possibility of someone using them on you. Brace yourselves….

Deep down, I’m pretty shallow.

Do you think I could purchase back my lousy introduction to you with a drink?

My last girlfriend said that I could be described as funny, charming and clever. And if I keep working on it, perhaps one day I will be.

Hi, in case you are wondering, I do have standards, they just happen to be lower than everyone else’s.

Hi, my friends call me “Shoe” because they are always telling me to put a sock in it.

It’s hard to believe that I beat millions of other sperm, but here I am, how about a drink?

Please excuse me, I had a bad stroke a few years ago and it’s left me totally annoying.

I always aim to please, but unfortunately I’m a lousy shot.

I’m so cool, that if we kiss you’ll get an ice cream headache.

My friends say I have the tact and grace of a bull in a china shop….What do you say about dancing with me?

I’ve been engaged more times than a telephone switchboard, but what do you think about me and you getting together?

I’ve got more issues than National Geographic, but I think that we should give it a shot, what do you say, Baby?

Just so you know, the doctor says I have a heart of gold, its’ yellow and hard.

I could talk to you until the cows come home. To be honest though, I’d rather talk to the cows until you come home.

Please excuse my behaviour; I’m not so much touchy as I am touched.

I typed in ‘Hot Chick’ into the SatNav and it brought me to you.

The strongest thing about me may be my breath.

When I was child, I was so naughty that my mom wanted to hire someone to look after me, but the Mafia charged too much.

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