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Aries Traits


The most predominant of all the Aries traits is leadership. This has both a positive and negative influence when it comes to star sign compatibility. This article will explain why.

aries traits, aries characteristics, star sign compatibility, astrology stampMost people with the Aries star sign are self-starters, unafraid of taking the initiative when it comes to both work and relationships. This can manifest itself in things such as your hatred of working for other people and longing to be your own boss. You may find that working under the pressure of other people as intolerable but if it’s only generated by you, it’s not such a problem.

You may find yourself accepting challenges you are unsure you can complete. Not because you are arrogant or cocky but because you realize that there is much to be learned and gained from attempting to complete the near impossible even in the face of failure.

Aries are creative and impulsive types, they can quickly come up with ideas and solutions to problems in their dating and love lives as well as with work. Sometimes this can be frustrating for others as Aries men or women often get caught up in the enthusiasm and quickness of finding the solution but often don’t have the logical and longer thought process of someone like a Gemini.

Most Aries characteristics are very positive and may help you to be the shining star at a party or in a bar. However, some caution is needed to make sure that these traits don’t ‘take over’ your personality.

Leading the conversation and organizing parties are definitely great qualities to possess when either on a date or in a relationship. However, it is just as important to be able to listen intently and be at the whims of others from time to time. This ensures that people do not see you as a ‘my way or the highway’ (or in other words, arrogant and not emphatic) kind of guy or girl.aries charcteristics, aries traits, aries tatoo, star sign compatibility, astrology

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. This why Aries are courageous and passionate people as well as being seen as dominant.

Aries belongs to the fire element. This again is another positive influence, which explains why Aries can be seen as being very enthusiastic.

With all these great influences, it is easy for people to think that Aries are arrogant or bigheaded. So it is something to keep in mind when meeting others, especially if you are looking at star sign compatibility and hope to attract or seduce them. You must remember that any date is a two person interaction, not just one person, so do not dominate the conversation.

Best Aries Trait

Being self-starter and enthusiastic means that for most Aries, they are not afraid to take the lead and work hard.

Worst Aries Trait

There is a flip side to being a self-starter and enthusiastic. That is when you are afraid to let others in. Sometimes when an Aries has set up their own business or is the dominant partner in a relationship, they forget that other people can and need to contribute to make improve things.

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