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Approaching Girls


Approaching girls is the single most important thing you can do if you want to have more women in your life. I know how you’re feeling, “Thank you for stating the obvious”.

The thing a lot of guys struggle with when approaching women is approach anxiety. They want to find out how to overcome it so they can open any set they want and chat up girls.

Before I get to overcoming approach anxiety, I need to address something really important first.

Becoming a pick up artist and learning how to seduce girls requires you to do things outside of your comfort zone. Interactions will go well AND some will go badly. You only get better by learning from the things that go wrong.

So if you think that practicing in front of the mirror for hours on end before making that first approach is going to help you become a pick up artist, then you are mistaken. You learn a hell of a lot more from actually taking action, approaching girls and opening sets for real. Sure, some will go good, some will go bad, but most importantly, you will learn to do things better for the next set you open.

✹ Becoming a pick up artist is almost always a numbers game. If you only approach and chat up one girl a week, then it will take a long while before you get your first date.

In other words, the more girls you approach and attempt to flirt with, the more girls you will get to go out on dates with.

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

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There are so many different ways to do this.

Sinn suggests reframing. Instead of seeing the girl as nice, mean, rude. You only see the interaction as either fun or boring.

BradP has social anxiety exercises to progressively desensitize you from social anxiety including approaching girls.

I tend to find a combination of both works best. If you read my article on Dating Tips For Shy Guys, I explain how I overcame my fear of both social anxiety and approach anxiety. There are some really great tips and exercises in there.

It is also important to understand that no pick up artist in the world gets every girl and neither will you, so do not put extra pressure on yourself. Don’t set goals of getting 5 phone numbers from 5 girls, etc. It will only mess with your head.

In the end if you constantly work on yourself and push the boundaries of your comfort zone, you will have less approach anxiety and find attract and seducing girls that much easier. BUT there will be times when you are way more nervous than previously and times when you are far less nervous.

The next thing all aspiring pick up artists need to learn is the correct approach. Click here to learn the steps you need to take to learn How to Approach a Girl

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