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Alpha Male Characteristics and Traits


There are many different alpha male characteristics, some of which will definitely help you to get a girl while there are many others that will never help you to get a girl. This article will show you the most important alpha male traits.

Respect: The single most important alpha male quality that you need to demonstrate is that people respect you. Period. This doesn’t mean that people have to like you, but they dam well need to respect you. Preferably people will both like and respect you. However don’t fall in to the trap of being the person who people like but walk all over.

To get others to respect you, you can’t take crap from other people. When people step out of line, you need to call them on it. Let them know that they are being inappropriate and call them on it.

Body Language: Once you have the respect of others you need to make sure that you have dominant alpha male body language. You have to make sure that your shoulders are straight and pulled back, you hold your head up and that you don’t slouch. That’s all there is to having good body language. The last thing is that you need to slow down your movements. Many guys might have good body language from reading an article online but very few actually make slow movements and act relaxed.

Moving slowly is the last piece in the puzzle of good alpha male body language.

Don’t answer to anybody: True alpha males answer to no one. They don’t feel the need to qualify themselves to other or explain their actions. Many fall into the trap of telling girls why they did something or why the decided to work at their current job. Instead of explaining yourself to the next person that asks why you are doing something (eg: job, hobby, sport), just tell them, “Because I feel like it” and then change the subject.

Slow Speech: Talking slowly is a key alpha male characteristic. People who talk fast are afraid that they won’t be able to say everything by the time they finish. People who talk slowly know that others are going to listen to them so they are in no rush to finish a sentence.

Because they know that people are going to listen to them alpha males are used to being the centre of the conversation.

Relaxed: The ultimate alpha male trait is being comfortable in your own skin. Can you imagine someone screaming at you in a bar. If you were a beta male you would be all flustered and start sweating and become nervous. An alpha male is far more relaxed, he would just look at the guy and say “chill”, then slowly turn around to his friends and forget about it.

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