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Alpha Male Body Language


 So many guys get incredibly confused when trying to develop alpha male body language. They equate alpha male body language, hot guy, dating tipsthe words alpha male with being a tough guy. They take it to mean that you should march around which her shoulders back as if you are in the Army and are on parade. That is certainly a way to look tough but it’s not really what an alpha male would do. Remember, an alpha male is the guy who’s sure of himself, a leader of men and the guy all the girls want. If you are really sure of yourself, then you are relaxed, you have nothing to really worry about. Use the following tips to develop alpha male body language and improve your dating life as a result.

Relax yourself

Like we just said, the most important thing to do is to relax yourself or in other words become comfortable with yourself. The most important times to display good body language are when girls might be reading male body language. So do stand up straight, hold your chin up, relax your shoulders back and allow your chest to rise up and out. But remember not to tense your muscles. Ironically this may be a little uncomfortable at first, but very quickly your posture will get better. A great technique for bringing your shoulders back, chest forward and to stand up straight is to imagine someone putting their knee into your back and pushing out your shoulders.

Do not overextend yourself

alpha male body language, hot body language, dating tips, pick up artist While putting all of these body language tips into practice will help develop really good alpha male body language, it’s important not to overdo it. You may think that walking like a pimp is cool. Well it is, but it’s only cool if you are a pimp, not if you work in Office Depot. The same goes for marching. This is all over extending yourself, becoming someone you are not.

Have you ever had your hand shook by someone who you could’ve mistaken for having a vice instead of a hand. It’s painful and annoying. Again this is someone trying to exert themselves as the alpha male. If they really were the alpha male then they would already expect people to respect them and not feel the need to show them how very strong they are.

Stop fidgeting

How many times have you been talking to someone and noticed that they are fidgeting. Fidgeting is beta male body language. They do things like use their hands far too much when speaking [they are overextending themselves], they always have their hands in their pockets or they fold their arms or worst of all they have a fear of taking up space. These are serious problems that need to be corrected. Girls do not like guys doing the things. The easiest way to cure fidgeting, which makes you look uncomfortable, is to slow down your movements.

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