Adult Breastfeeding experience
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Adult Breastfeeding experience


Hi, I’m a 25-year-old woman from India. I have a 3-year-old child. I have breastfed my hubby for the last four years. Generally, ANR is considered to be a taboo in many societies and hence, very few admit to it. But when I checked with a few close friends, I realised that this practice is fairly common! As most Indian men love to suck their wife’s breasts during foreplay, it’s quite normal for them to continue this act even after childbirth, when they actually start nursing from their wife’s lactating boobs. I’ve always been aroused by breast/nipple stimulation, but the first time my hubby sucked my milk, I experienced multiple orgasms!
While some women nurse their partner till the period they breastfeed their child (generally 1-2 years), there are many (like me!) who wean off their baby after a year or two but continue breastfeeding their husband.
We’ve had to make certain arrangements regarding our jobs as ANR requires the man to be available for nursing whenever the breasts become too full with milk. Otherwise, it becomes a painful condition for the lactating woman. Though pumping is a solution, I don’t find it very comfortable, and prefer to have my hubby empty my breasts instead. And as my milk production has increased since we started ANR, I need to breastfeed him 3-4 times daily. We haven’t told our family as they might not understand our need. Accordingly, we avoid overnight trips/weekends with the family. My hubby and I instead choose to spend as much time together possible to be able to continue with our feeding sessions.
So far, so good. I can say that ANR has definitely taken our relationship to a whole new level – sexually and otherwise! I would recommend it to all couples…:)

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