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5 Weird Ways To Turn A Guy On

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Surprise Him

Surprising your man is probably the best possible way to turn him on. Not only is it sexy and exciting to surprise your boyfriend, it also shows him that you actually care about him and have been thinking about him.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to surprise your boyfriend. It can be something as simple as;
  • -Bringing him into the bedroom and giving him a nice, long massage
  • -Cooking him his favorite meal
  • -Dressing up in some sexy lingerie

Tease Him – In Public

Teasing him in a sexual way in public is a fabulous way to turn your man on. You can build tension and have him salivating by saying things like:
  • “I wish we were both alone right now.”
  • “If these people weren’t around, I’d do some pretty crazy things to you right here.”
  • “I can’t wait to get you in bed.”
  • “Just looking at you makes me horny.”

To learn more great things to say to your man and how to talk dirty, check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.

Take Control

Guys are normally the ones that take the lead in the bedroom. A great way to turn him on AND show him how much you like him is to take control the next time you are in the bedroom together.

‘Taking Control’ can mean anything from giving him a blow job, to being the one on top, to tying his arms to the bed.

You can find out more ways to take control in the bedroom by reading the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.

Show Him That You Listen

A great way to turn your man on is to show him that you actually listen to him. Instead of cooking him a meal or just wearing sexy clothes to turn him on, here’s a much better way to turn him on;

Find out one of his quirks. It could be that he likes Pokemon or a certain band or something else that he rarely tells other people. Buying him an original Pokemon game for the Gameboy or getting him the new album from the band he likes is a far better way to turn him on (on a deeper level).

The key to really turning your man on at a deep level is to show him that you listen and actually care about him.

Try New Things

Men get bored with the same old routine. A killer way to turn your man on is to try new things. If you are not sure about what to try or to do when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, then you should check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter. It will show you everything that you need to know when it comes to turning him on, giving him mind blowing sex and becoming a goddess in the bedroom.
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