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4 Mistakes That You MUST Avoid In Bed

Written with the help of the free
Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter
Each of these 4 mistakes can ruin your sex life and slowly destroy your relationship. Find out how to avoid them.

Starfish Syndrome

Starfish Syndrome is a horrible problem that affects so many girls.

But what is Starfish Syndrome?

Imagine a starfish. It just lies there. Legs & arms outstretched. It just waits for things to happen. It hardly moves.

Some girls do exactly the same thing in the bedroom.

This is a massive turn off for guys.

And I should know, I’m a guy writing this article!

It can happen for a whole range of reasons; you’re shy, you’re tired, you like to be submissive while your man is dominant.

It doesn’t matter what the reason. The important thing is to fix this problem now. The key is just being a little bit more active when it comes to sex.

+At the very least, wrap your arms around your man.

+Or try wrapping your legs around him.

+Try being a bit more vocal.

+Try grabbing the back of his hair.

These are just the most basic tips. For the really good stuff, check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter to learn everything you need to know about being great in bed.

The Same Routine

After Starfish Syndrome, the next biggest mistake is having the same ‘routine’ in the bedroom.

Your man will get bored quickly if you keep on doing the exact same thing in the bedroom.

By never changing your ‘routine’, you are increasing the chances that your man will cheat on you.

The key to a happy and fulfilling sex life is VARIATION.

This means changing where and when you have sex. It also means changing what type of sex you have and how long you have sex for as well as many other thing. The FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter covers all these things in depth with specific examples.

Not Taking Control…

Most men prefer to be the dominant partner in the bedroom.

However, sometimes men do like to be with a dominant girl.

Not every night, but some nights.

So if you are always the submissive one in the bedroom, next time, take control, order your man around. You might be surprised to find out that he likes it.

If you want to learn more about taking control in the bedroom, then check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter to learn specific tips and techniques.

Using Sex As A Weapon

This is by far the worst mistake you can make.

By withholding sex just to ‘punish’ your man, you are sowing the seeds of ruin.

Obviously it’s fine if you just don’t feel like it or if you are tired or if it’s that time of the month.

But withholding sex to control or manipulate a man is a sure fire way to build resentment and anger.

To learn more about becoming amazing in the bedroom as well as getting the relationship you want, check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter. It covers everything from sex tips and techniques to tactics and advice for attracting and keeping a great guy.
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